Legal Checklist


These concerns are the ones many people understandably hesitate to think about, but they can be very helpful in the right situation.

r Check the pages of your service record to make sure the information is correct. An incorrect address or phone number can delay quick response in an emergency.

r Make sure that the correct beneficiary is listed on your Serviceman Group Life Insurance (SGLI).

r Visit the base legal office to have wills drawn up for you and your spouse. This may seem like a particularly difficult thing to do, but you will want to take control instead of letting the courts decide for you.

r Decide whether or not you need a power of attorney. This is a legal designation by an individual for a person to execute certain duties on behalf of the service member in his/her absence.

r Some parents like to have a special medical power of attorney drafted for a neighbor, grandparents and/or child care providers. For example, these individuals would be authorized to take action in the event of an emergency should the parents be unavailable.

r Before deployment, make sure that you both know the location of important documents such as wills, marriage and birth certificates, and insurance policies.

r Verify DEERS enrollment so family members can receive needed medical care in the absence of the service member. Call 800-538-9552 to confirm enrollment.

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