For Immediate Release

Proposed 2013 Military Pay Charts Released


MCLEAN, Va – The President and House of Representatives have proposed a 1.7 percent across-the-board pay increase for 2013 for military personnel. If passed, the military pay increase will go into effect on January 1, 2013 and will be reflected by the mid-January pay date.

The following proposed and current military pay charts can be found at

You can also find historical military pay charts dating back to 1949.

Military Pay is affected by several factors including the number of years a member has served, annual pay raises, promotions and increases in Cost of Living Allowances, Basic Allowance for Housing and Basic Allowance for Subsistence as well as any special pay.

Terry Howell, Managing Editor of Benefits for and author of The Military Advantage, said, "The larger increases of the past were driven by a mandate to bring military pay up to civilian levels. The last few years, servicemembers have seen the pay increases drop to below 2 percent."  Howell went on to explain, "This marks the 3rd year of small increases (less than 2%), a trend that is driven by a need to reduce the DoD budget and the belief that military and civilian pay have reached parity."

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