For Immediate Release Launches Blog for Female Servicemembers


MCLEAN, Va – (BUSINESS WIRE) – announced the launch of its new blog for female servicemembers and female veterans today. is a blog by military women for military women, and will examine all that goes along with being female and serving in the military.  The writers, who use pen names, are all currently serving in the military or veterans of military service and will provide a first person narrative about their experiences and encourage an online dialogue with other female servicemembers.

The site’s name pays homage to historical figure Margaret Corbin, who took over her dying husband’s cannon while defending Fort Washington in New York in 1776.  She was wounded and was the first woman to receive a pension from the United States Government for her service in combat.  She was called “Captain Molly” as a nickname.

The site also features “Molly’s Follies” which allows women to anonymously post their funniest or most outrageous experience while serving.

Ward Carroll, Editor of said the site makes sense in today’s military where women make up roughly 20% of the total force. “The front lines of war are fully gender integrated now, and we wanted a property that deals with the issues of female warfighting professionals in real and complete terms.”

Sarah Blansett, Editor of, added, “We are at the point where women are no longer a novelty in the military. Women are serving in almost every capacity and their stories and experiences should be shared.  Not just with one another, but with the public as well.”

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