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New Career Center Launches for Military Severely Injured


Career Center Rallies Public & Private Sector Resources to Support Wounded Service Members

San Francisco, CA -- A new online employment and education resource launched today in support of the Department of Defense Military Severely Injured Joint Support Operations Center (24/7 Family Support). 

The new Career Center, located online at and accessible via 1-888-774-1361, builds on efforts by the Military Severely Injured Joint Support Operations Center to ensure that Servicemembers with severe injuries have easy access to all available resources to assist with their recovery and rehabilitation. 

The Career Center offers an extensive job board powered by Monster, the leading global online careers property, as well as employment assistance, education options and benefits information for severely injured Servicemembers and their families. The Career Center also enables employers to express their interest in hiring people from this exceptional talent pool. 

Resources are drawn from the Office of Military Community and Family Policy as well as from every branch of military service, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Labor and private organizations. Personalized assistance includes:

  • Education, training and job placement
  • Personal mobility and functioning
  • Home, transportation and workplace accommodations
  • Personal, couple and family counseling
  • Financial resources
  • Medical care and rehabilitation

"We want to make certain that these heroes are taken care of -- not only for the period of their recovery, but until they feel they have made the transition back into a community and a productive life," said Jane Burke, Principal Director, Military Community and Family Policy, about the opening of the Severely Injured Joint Support Operations Center. 

This effort involves collaboration between military organizations, government agencies, private organizations and employers who have rallied to support those seriously injured in service to America. 

Military and government support components of this program include:

  • Air Force Palace Helping Airmen Recover Together (HART)
  • Army Disabled Soldier Support System (DS3)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
  • Department of Labor, REALifelines
  • Marine for Life Injured Support Program (M4L)
  • Navy Wounded Marines & Sailors Initiative
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Sgt. 1st Class Kevin Walker expressed his appreciation at the opening of the Center, "It comforts me to know that the Department of Defense is doing their best taking care of wounded soldiers and their families. This is going to be a good program to assist the wounded soldier, whether with medical boards or finding housing for family members." The 17-year veteran, wounded in Iraq, fought for his life after sustaining severe head injuries. 

Getting Involved 

Employers seeking to hire people from this exceptional talent pool can indicate their interest at Educational institutions and other service providers can also offer their resources for severely injured. Messages of support can be posted on the site as well. 

About The Military Severely Injured Joint Support Operations Center (24/7 Family Support) 

The center is staffed 24/7 and accessible toll free at 1-888-774-1361. Additional resources can be reached online at

For more information, contact Commander David Julian at 703-908-6236. 

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