For Immediate Release launches resources for 30 million veterans, military

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San Francisco, California - today unveiled the online home for the 80 million Americans with close ties to the military. provides a superior communications infrastructure to keep this important community connected and engaged. also serves as the custodian of America's military heritage, collecting the stories of men and women who have served in all branches of the Armed Forces. gives voice to those who made history and gives context to those who want to learn more.

The team, composed mainly of reservists, veterans, and military family members, is committed to addressing the needs of everyone who has ever answered the call to serve and those who support them. There is tremendous evidence of the strength of this community -with more than eight thousand military reunions every year and six million active members of veteran's organizations, this is one of the largest and most loyal affinity groups in existence.

"The idea for came from my experiences in the Navy," said Christopher Michel,'s CEO and Founder. "The men and women I served with were always looking to reconnect with old shipmates, share a sea story, or help one another." Michel has been in the Navy for 10 years, flying P-3 Orions both on active duty and in the Naval Reserve.

"There is a groundswell of interest today in honoring the men and women who served," Michel continued. "Look at Tom Brokaw's book, 'The Greatest Generation,' and movies like 'Saving Private Ryan.' In fact, Steven Spielberg's consultant for that movie, the award-winning author Stephen Ambrose, is on our board of advisors, and we are working with him on what will be the largest oral history project ever -- an undertaking that couldn't have been done without the power and ubiquity of the Internet." is a major sponsor of the National D-Day Museum and other organizations committed to serving and honoring the military community.

With funding from top-tier venture capitalists, has built homepages for nearly 20,000 units, ships and squadrons. Proprietary technology allows visitors to re-affiliate with their old units, connect with people they served with, and stay in touch for life. The company provides free services that include a personnel locator, a simple homepage builder to let individuals share photos and updates, lifetime e-mail, feature editorial, military news, and comprehensive resources. Additionally, offers valuable benefits throughout a community member's life-from helping civilians explore military service, to keeping families in touch with loved ones overseas, to providing information about careers and relocation, to assisting veterans seeking benefits. is the trusted address for everything military on the Internet.

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