President Trump Grabs Marine’s Dress Blues Cap After Wind Blows It Away

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President Donald Trump arrived from Germany after attending the 12th G20 summit. Trump was moving towards his helicopter and clapped his hands when he saw the Marine guard stood at attention despite losing his cap.

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  1. FulfillingTorah
    FulfillingTorah Jul 17, 2017

    Would NEVER have seen Obama even attempt to serve a Marine in such a way. The difference between Trump and Obama is stark. The Marines were Obama's minions, for whom he had not the least respect. Trump honors them.

  2. mym1a1
    mym1a1 Jul 17, 2017

    I can only wonder what that marine was thinking? OH NO! My cap flew off and the president picked it up. he kept still, He did not salute without his cap, he waited till he had it back. As a Marine he should have felt proud to have our president do that. I just hope he didn't get a dressing down for not having his cap on tight enough. In mu opinion I would say he shouldn't.

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