President Biden Signs Order to Improve Cybersecurity


President Biden signed an executive order to improve cybersecurity in hopes of better responding to attacks like the one against Colonial Pipeline. The order removes barriers to the private sector sharing information about hacks with the federal government. It does not require companies to share that information. Under the order all software purchased by the federal government must meet certain safety standards. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said the country needs to invest more into cybersecurity." Importantly, this incident also reminds us that infrastructure is a national security issue," said Buttigieg. "And the reality is that investing in world class, modern and resilient infrastructure has always been central to ensuring our country's economic security, our national security, and as we're seeing right now, that includes cybersecurity." The White House says the president has been working on a cybersecurity executive order since his second week in office.

Cyber Cyberterrorism Joe Biden

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