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Military Skills Translator + Personality Assessment

How does this work? Three easy steps.

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    Translate Your Military Skills
    Our Military Skills Translator helps veteran job seekers translate their military experience into civilian careers.
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    Take the Personality Assessment
    Discover new potential careers based on your unique personality and preferences.
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    Get Instant Results
    Results combine your military experience, personality traits & corresponding career paths to show recommended jobs best matching your skills & interests.
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Uncover New Paths to a Successful Civilian Career

Our Military Skills Translator + Personality Assessment is a unique career exploration tool for veterans & service members that combine job search technology and vocational personality types.

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  • Visual Assessment
    Visual Assessment
    The assessment uses an image based binary decision-making technology of “Me” or “Not Me” unlike traditional Likert-type scale tests.
  • Instant Results
    Instant Results
    The test takes around 3-4 minutes and displays actionable results immediately.
  • Validity
    Validity Tested
    The tool’s patented method of measuring personality was developed by an experienced team of psychologists.
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    Trusted Military Brand
    Trusted since 1999 by the largest online military community comprised of veterans, service members & military spouses.
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Designed Solely for Service Members & Veterans

  • Understand your career strengths & unique personality traits
  • Filter results with education, military occupation, and location preferences
  • Find best matching career paths & custom job recommendations
  • Explore beyond your past military experience & find new career possibilities
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  • “The Military Skills Translator + Personality Assessment provides valuable insight into your strengths and how to best utilize them in the civilian workforce. I can’t believe that such a quick and easy assessment can deliver such accurate results. The information revealed through the assessment is valuable through every step of the job search, from exploring career paths to finding open positions to acing the interview. I highly recommend the Military Skills Translator + Personality Assessment for all transitioning service members and military veterans looking to jumpstart their civilian careers.”
  • “The Military Skills Translator has an intensive Personality Assessment which provides Veterans and transitioning Service Members a comprehensive understanding of what types of careers that would be a great fit. It also links them up with open positions that fit their individual assessment. It really is an amazing tool.”