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  • Application Engineer II - Protection
    Charlotte, NC - As an SEL Application Engineer, you will be the product expert! Your expertise will be utilized training and teaching our customers how our products are applied in ...
  • Associate Reliability Engineer
    Pullman, WA - Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) seeks a Reliability Engineer to apply the science of quality to interesting challenges in effort to “Make Electric Power Saf...
  • Electrical Engineering Project Manager
    Houston, TX - If you are looking to work alongside technical experts in the power industry, use your expert knowledge and experience, enjoy traveling, then this position is for you...
  • Hardware Engineer
    Pullman, WA - This position includes designing the next generation of communications process that will be used in electric power and industrial situations. This means an average da...

A Place to Grow and a Mission That Matters

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SEL is an internationally recognized manufacturer of products that protect and control electric power systems worldwide. When electric power is safe, reliable, and economical, it changes peoples’ lives. From generation to consumption, our products and solutions are critical at every stage of the electric power journey. Your work at SEL will help our customers prevent blackouts and restore power faster; add cybersecurity, automation, and communications; and use new, cutting-edge technologies that we invent right here at SEL.

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We are a company of innovators, inventors, and problem solvers who work every day to improve power systems around the world. At SEL, you can join our 100 percent employee-owned team, support a mission that truly matters, and create a career that maximizes your full potential.

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Veteran Success at SEL

Diane Donnermeyer

“I like the empowering culture of SEL,” said Diane Donnermeyer, a veteran who worked as a boatswain mate in the Navy and now works as a purchasing manager at SEL. “You’re not just a number; you get to have an opinion, and you can speak up, ask why. I like that I have the power to make change.”

For Diane, joining the Navy was a way for her to get the structure and sense of responsibility she wanted in her life. This work became a source of pride for her—she knew she was helping to protect her country. And it’s a similar sense of pride that she feels working at SEL.

“It’s the mission of what we do with electric power,” she said. “We’re all so engaged with working toward that mission of making electric power safe and reliable for people all over the world. SEL stands for such strong values, and in my group, we’re really the face of those values to our suppliers.”

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