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Fairbanks is seeking mechanically and electrically inclined individuals to join to their successful and growing team. Experience in mechanic roles or telecommunications positions will give candidates the upper hand with learning our technology and products.

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Veteran Hiring: Fairbanks Appreciates Military Veterans

Construction worker using Fairbanks Scales equipment.

Fairbanks Scales, a leader in the weighing industry, strives to recruit and hire U.S. Military talent nationwide. Veterans are valued at Fairbanks for their leadership, teamwork, integrity, strong work ethic, respect for procedures/accountability, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Their recruiting team will work with you to help you transition to a career that is meaningful and rewarding where you can apply the skills that you acquired during your years in the military.

3 Things Vets Should Know About Fairbanks

  • With more than 600 employees nationwide, Fairbanks is dedicated to serving every industry that weighs and providing service and technical support around the world.
  • Many of the talents and aptitudes you gained in the military are the same that Fairbanks looks for in a successful employee.
  • Positions with Fairbanks include manufacturing, sales, service, and more!

World’s Greatest

The Fairbanks Weigh

Since 1830, when Thaddeus Fairbanks invented the platform scale and founded the company, Fairbanks Scales has been meeting the world's weighing needs by providing customers with quality products and reliable service. Fairbanks Scales has survived civil war, world wars, natural disasters, economic collapse, and various mergers and ownership transitions to become one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the United States.

Today, we continue to remain a leader in the weighing industry by constantly exploring advanced weighing and electronics technology. With more than 600 employees nationwide, we are dedicated to providing service and technical support around the world and serve every industry that weighs. You may contact Fairbanks Scales directly by completing our contact form or calling us directly at (800) 451-4107.

Military Success Stories


I left the Navy in 1991 and joined Fairbanks Scales in 2006 as a Field Service Manager. I am currently the Area Service Manager for the Baltimore Customer Support Center (CSC). My military experience has helped me lead the CSC in performing high quality work and assisting technicians to perform at their peak level.

The culture at Fairbanks is a family style with an emphasis on providing quality service work. By having a smaller team, it is easy to know the personal lives of each team member and assist them in making good decisions.

At Fairbanks, I have the privilege to work with each technician, to help them grow, to hold them accountable, and to make them a key component of a successful team.

- Chris Groth, Area Service Manager, Baltimore

Shortly after I retired from the Navy in 1995, I joined Fairbanks Scales as the Director of Operations at the Meridian Manufacturing Facility.  My military experience taught me that whatever the scenario, it’s always about completing the mission and maintaining your focus on the objectives. 

The “want to improve” attitude is very evident in the Fairbanks culture. I am proud to be part of a company that is able to differentiate itself on its strengths and acknowledges its areas in need of improvement by giving us the resources to succeed.

A particular benefit of working at Fairbanks is the many intelligent, tenacious, and capable people throughout the organization who contribute every day in their sphere of influence to do it better, make it better, and see it better.

- Craig Nelson, Director of Operations, Meridian Manufacturing Facility

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